At LiveStream Video, Inc., our mission is to facilitate community by making local events accessible online through video streaming and archival resources.

Sporting events, concerts, weddings, graduations, seminars, conferences and more, LiveStream Video, Inc. makes your event accessible around the world by allowing a wider audience to watch the event LIVE on our website. Prior commitments and travel expenses no longer prevent friends, family, and coworkers from attending your event. Afterwards, the video is archived on our website for thirty days - allowing you and your audience to watch it again.
Contact LiveStreamVideo today to discover how we can make your event available to a wider audience!

Special Events

Weddings, Auctions, and Graduations are now accessible to members of your community who can’t afford to travel on your special day.

Sporting Events

Livestream your sporting events to reach a wider fan-base.

Religious Services

Stream your religious service online for members of your congregation who are unable to be present in person.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Talk shows, cooking shows, music concerts, and documentaries are now available to a larger audience online.

Education & Training

Broadcast seminars, courses and presentations to your students or colleagues live.

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